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Are you a B2B company or a freelancer who works with B2Bs?

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Does your company have yearly revenue of more than 50.000 €?

Has your company been operating for at least six months?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, we have good news:
You’re eligible to factor your invoices with Factris.

How do you factor your invoices with Factris?


Create a login

with Factris in just a few minutes. This will give you access to your financing platform, where you’ll be in control for your finances.


Answer questions

about your company and invoices, such as: company revenues, how much factoring you desire, and average amount of time your invoices take to be paid.


Receive a factoring quote

with a fee range. If you agree to this range, you’ll receive a personal account manager to help guide you.


Your personal account manager

will learn more about your business’ financing needs, explain debtor and credit management in more detail, and help you through the boarding process.

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Deal of the week 20210210

Deal of the week 20210210

Industry: Trading
Funding limit: 840K

One Factris customer trades 3 different kinds of steel. Before Factris, his business was limited by customers paying in advance due to a lack of cash flow.
But thanks to factoring, they now have the ability to make the payments later, resulting in a significant increase in customer orders.

Deal of the week 20210126

Deal of the week 20210126

Industry: Construction
Funding limit: 50K

With a payment term of 14 days, you might expect that this company wouldn’t struggle for cash flow. However, the actual payment wasn’t usually received until after a grueling 45 days—all while costs of running their business continued to accumulate.
Factoring with Factris eliminated this problem, allowing them to shift their focus away from worrying about unpaid invoices and back towards growing their company.

Deal of the week 20201027

Deal of the week 20201027

Industry: Fibre Optic Industry
Funding limit: 900K

Unfortunately, It’s normal for businesses to struggle with maintaining uninterrupted cash flow during the pandemic—especially with regular expenses such as paying employees’ salaries on the weekly payroll.
Initially, our customer in the communications industry was no exception. But with help from Factris, this new customer can not only maintain steady cash flow but can even expand his workforce as he confidently focuses on running his business.

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Focus on telling your business story

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