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Business story 13th April 2021

Business story 13th April 2021

Industry: Print and branding
Funding limit: 45K

The company prints different products, such as notebooks, water bottles, promotional materials, and pens. When the products are purchased, payment must be made immediately, then the products are sent and delivered to the customer. The customer then receives an order to print the product and delivers the product to the customer.
The costs for pre-financing the products can be pretty high for large orders because the products sometimes must be pre-financed for up to twelve weeks from purchase to delivery to the end customer. By making use of factoring, the invoices can be paid immediately so that there is a structural cash flow available for the company to realize the purchase of products.

Business story 31st March 2021

Business story 31st March 2021

Industry: Transport
Funding limit: 40K

This company has two trucks every week that transport sea containers with products to the customer. The company sees opportunities that it wants to take advantage of but faces long payment terms.
By using factoring via Factris, he can make his entire debtor balance liquid, which immediately releases money. The upcoming invoices are also paid within 24 hours so that no more opportunities are missed.

Business story 10th February 2021

Business story 10th February 2021

Industry: Trading
Funding limit: 840K

One Factris customer trades 3 different kinds of steel. Before Factris, his business was limited by customers paying in advance due to a lack of cash flow.
But thanks to factoring, they now have the ability to make the payments later, resulting in a significant increase in customer orders.

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