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Business story 17th August 2021

Industry: Industrial assembly
Funding limit: 150K

We helped a lovely customer who works with individual orders of various industrial and household electrical appliances for companies. When fulfilling large orders, the 30-day payment term doesn’t start until a customer has received their manufactured equipment installed. Until now, our new client was not aware of factoring, but after consulting with a Factris representative, it became clear that factoring is ideal for growing his business without worrying about the lack of resources.

Business story 5th August 2021

Industry: Furniture assembly and interior design
Funding limit: 50K

Our new customer is a small furniture assembly and interior design company that has recently started its first projects for large institutions. But his customers only pay after the order has been fulfilled and the project has been completed. To solve the lack of working capital for salaries, raw materials, and possible technical support, this customer chose factoring at Factris.

Business story 13th July 2021

Industry: Wood trading
Funding limit: 130K

With the growing global demand in the woodworking industry, one of our newest customers turned to factoring to meet the needs of their new customers. To pay with 30 days post-paid without losing working capital. Thanks to Factris’ flexible invoice financing and loyal approach, the customer grows with global demand and doubles their turnover.

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