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Netherlands Construction and Manufacturing Slows

Dutch construction and manufacturing companies are hampered by reduced demand, emissions issues and skilled labour problems. Recent reports from the credit insurance company Atradius reveal signs of a slowdown in Dutch construction and manufacturing.

People of Factris - behind the scenes!

There are some things in life that can’t be taught that have to come naturally. Connecting with people on a personal level is one of those things; it’s something that comes from within, a natural instinct. 


Most Innovative SME Capital Provider 2019

The European Enterprise Awards encompass some of the most vibrant business regions in the world that strive year after year to ensure economic growth. We are proud to receive recognition as the "Most Innovative SME Capital Provider 2019."

cltv is a key to business success

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value is key to your company’s success

Some companies start with a great idea. They might try to make it happen, to “follow the dream”, which can make for a wonderful story. However, a business needs more than a dream to believe in; It needs to be financially viable.

Factris sąskaitų apmokėjimas

MVU dilemma: īsāks rēķina apmaksas termiņš vai lielāka peļņas marža?

Katrs uzņēmums, izrakstot rēķinus par pārdotajām precēm vai pakalpojumiem, ir ieinteresēts maksimāli saīsināt apmaksas termiņu, tādā veidā ātrāk saņemot nepieciešamos apgrozāmos līdzekļus. 


Dutch SMEs are struggling with cash flow

The financial service companies Euler Hermes and Bibby have released the findings from their annual survey. Many SMEs in the Netherlands are struggling with capital. According to the survey, managing debtors is greatly contributing to this issue of cash flow.

late payments

Kavēta rēķinu apmaksa kavē uzņēmumu attīstību

Vairāk nekā puse Eiropas uzņēmumu apgalvo, ka pērn viņiem lūgts pagarināt norēķināšanās termiņus par precēm vai pakalpojumiem. Atsevišķu nozaru pārstāvji atzīst, ka tieši pircēju kavēto apmaksu dēļ tiem ir bijis nopietni jāapspriež iespējas aiziet no tirgus.


People of Factris - behind the scenes!

Fatima has come a long way despite her young age. Back in her native Morocco, her education in computer science opened up a lot of opportunities for her. She quickly found success working as a frontend developer at the multinational company Capgemini.


10 finansēšanas avoti: rokasgrāmata mazajam un vidējam biznesam

Factris nolūkā palīdzēt uzņēmējiem atrast ērtāku finansēšanās veidu ir izstrādājis rokasgrāmatu par 10 dažādiem finansēšanas avotiem. Tajā sniegta noderīga informācija un padomi, kas aktuāli biznesa veidošanai un veiksmīgai attīstībai.


Atkusnim pēc svētku buma jāgatavojas jau tagad

Viens no skaistākajiem svētku laikiem – Ziemassvētki – reizē ir gan jauks, gan rada galvassāpes ne tikai tiem, kuri meklēs dāvanas tuvinieku iepriecināšanai, bet arī tiem, kas šīs dāvanas pārdod. Tas ir īpaši aktuāli biznesam, kas orientēts uz svētku periodu.

Factris bankų skolinimas verslui

Aizņemšanās bankās MVU tiks regulēta vēl stingrāk: kādi ir iespējamie risinājumi?

Speciālisti jau skaļi runā, ka, mainoties banku regulējuma nosacījumiem ES, mazajiem un vidējiem uzņēmumiem radīsies jaunas problēmas jau tā sarežģītajā aizņemšanās vidē. Tas ir nopietns signāls MVU, īpaši tādiem, kuru kredītspēja neatbilst standartiem.


14.000 freelancers can now be paid earlier through factoring

A partnership has recently been announced between Factris and the Dutch freelancer platform This will allow freelancers working via Verloning to use Factris’ services, enabling them to get paid within 24 hours for invoices sent through Verloning.

Justas Saltinis COO

People of Factris - behind the scenes!

Justas can safely be called a pioneer in non-banking invoice financing in Lithuania. Seeing the lack of this service in 2015, he had such faith in his business idea that in spite of the dissuasion of sceptics, he “rolled up his sleeves” and dived right in.

cv magazine corporate excellence awards

Factris wins "Most Client-Focused SME Financing Solutions Provider 2019" award

Factris has built its reputation by disrupting the financial industry through their innovative solutions to traditional banking. Discover how this firm is the ‘Most Client-focussed SME Financing Solutions Provider’ for 2019.

Edmundas Volskis_Factris

People of Factris - behind the scenes!

This is a person who can definitely be called a Factris (formerly Debifo) veteran in Lithuania. “I was the first employee at this company, aside from the manager at the time, of course,” says Edmundas, who has been working in the company for four years. 

Brice Laurent_factris CFO

People of Factris - behind the scenes!

On one hand, Brice is “attracted to logic and numbers” and applies a structured approach to thinking through the outcome of every decision, and on the other, he thrives on new experiences and not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Eu banks to restrict lending

Factris: EU Banks to restrict lending to SMEs

Changes in regulations across the EU will create new problems on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in an already difficult lending environment. Cash flow is already a significant problem for SMEs across Europe.


Why Does Factoring Remain Out of Reach for Peer to Peer Platforms?

Call a taxi, order dinner, pay your bills - all from the computer on your lap or the smartphone in our hand. Without question, we're using new technology more and more to accomplish everyday tasks. But have these efforts been successful?

Brian Reaves - CEO of Factris

Factris' CEO Brian Reaves wins CEO Awards 2019

Factris is very proud of our CEO, Brian Reaves, who has been awarded this year by Finance Monthly! It is a recognition of the whole Factris team for achieving desired goals and being driven forward by such CEO. 

Liudmila Dobiliene_factris

People of Factris - behind the scenes!

I always say that just having a good idea or product but not telling anyone about it is not enough. On the other hand, sometimes people view those of us who work in marketing as magicians whom everything depends on. That’s not right either.


Factris will soon dominate SME financing in Europe. Here’s why.

Gaining people’s trust and loyalty isn’t easy; whether it’s a teenager looking to their parents for more freedom or a fintech company looking to finance small businesses, it really comes down to having specific reasons to believe in a positive outcome.

Factris in Latvia

Portfelis Latvijā pārsniedzis 0,5 miljonus eiro

Tikai pirms dažiem mēnešiem Latvijas tirgū darbu uzsākusī starptautiskā faktoringa pakalpojumu sabiedrība “Factris” izraisījusi lielu interesi – tās faktoringa portfelis Latvijā jau pārsniedzis 0,5 miljonus eiro.


People of Factris - behind the scenes!

Paulius Jauga joined the fast-growing Factris team only a year ago, and the rapid growth of the company has rubbed off on him as well- he’s noted personal growth in himself with each passing day. 

factris story

Banks are constantly saying NO. We are the people that say Yes.

EBA One to Watch 2019

Factris named as one of One to Watch for EBA

Factris has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest and longest-running business competitions. 

ABALT 2018 certificate EN

Strongest in Lithuania and in the Baltic region

Factris is certified as "A" class leader in our business sector in the Baltic region. Credit bureau "Creditinfo" certifies that Factris has a high credit score in Lithuania. 

no to banks

More small businesses say NO to banks in 2019

The details contained in the report show that more than ever, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Europe are starting to reject traditional banking in favour of more-responsive financing alternatives when they need temporary cash flow.

factris mockup laptop

Factris Disrupts Traditional European Financing with New Platform

The platform forges new ways to make financing easier and more available for small and medium businesses. Factris has launched a new version of their Finance Automation for Business platform or the “FAB” platform for short.

country managers

“Factris” uzsāk finanšu pakalpojumu piedāvājumu Latvijā

Finanšu tehnoloģiju uzņēmums “Factris” ir apņēmības pilns gūt panākumus ar savu unikālo piedāvājumu MVU tirgū. “Factris” jau ir piedzīvojis strauju izaugsmi, kuru nodrošina inovatīvie finanšu risinājumi un individualizētie pakalpojumi. 

seasonal business

How your seasonal SME can weather challenges throughout the year

An age-old proverb to anticipate what the weather will bring goes like this: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; Red sky at morning, sailor take warning”. In order to plan ahead, sailors need to know what weather awaits them.


Factris is consolidating its position in Lithuania and is expanding into other European markets

The  Lithuanian factoring company previously known as Debifo is re-launching as Factris. The move comes after a merger with the Dutch factoring company, Factris, which was completed in January. 


Factris wins court case brought by Rabobank

The Amsterdam fintech company Factris does not have to change its name. Rabobank subsidiary Facturis loses summary proceedings against the company. This decision was announced on 3 April by the Court of Amsterdam.


There is a dark side to exporting, but it can be avoided

The desire to grow is probably high on every business owner’s agenda. Some start out trading in their domestic market and then move on to explore overseas opportunities when circumstances permit, while others go global immediately. And this is welcome.

history of credit

Credit hasn’t always been self-evident

Borrowing is a common practice among governments, businesses, and consumers. In fact,never in the history of humanity has global debt been this high. Few people realize that credit hasn’t always been as popular as it is today.


Factris announces the expansion and investment plans in Lithuania

Factris intends to scale its development team and operations in Lithuania to accelerate the development of its factoring platform and execute on its ambition to become the Pan-European leader of working capital solutions for SMEs.


Building a successful company culture

We all want success in business, and few people here would disagree that company culture has an enormous  impact on the performance of a team. There are many ways to cultivate a thriving  environment, but after having been involved in building many..


Factris acquires Lithuanian factoring company Debifo

Factris announced the successful conclusion of the 100% acquisition of “Debifo” for an undisclosed purchase price. 


Factris concludes EUR 100 million

Factris announced the successful conclusion of a €100 million credit facility agreement through Swiss investment advisor ruvercap. The credit facility will be used to provide working capital to small and medium-sized businesses throughout Europe.

Factris Amsterdam office

Factris concludes EUR 1.5 million funding round and Acquires Crown Finance

Factris announced the successful conclusion of the funding round led by the European venture capital fund Speedinvest Fintech. 


Leveraging the European Project

The European project has suffered from a lot of negative sentiment lately, with populist movements gaining ground in Hungary and Italy, Brexit and the influx immigrants. 

Pievienot faktoringu savā finansējuma produktu kaudzē

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