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Factris wins "Most Client-Focused SME Financing Solutions Provider 2019" award

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Established in 2017, the fintech company Factris has been on a mission to reinvent small-business financing by providing low-cost working capital to SMEs across the European Union, all with a local presence. Factris has accomplished this through invoice financing (factoring) services to its customers throughout Europe using its 2ndgeneration proprietary platform. Many of the clients Factris serves are wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, exporting companies, fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises and service companies, to name a few.

With offices in the Netherlands, Lithuania and Latvia, Factris’ factoring services are the key to their success. This process of purchasing customers’ unpaid invoices means the customer doesn't need to wait the arduous 30-90 days they would normally have to endure to get their money from a buyer. Instead, Factris’ working capital can be used almost immediately to grow and expand their customer’s business.

Working behind the scenes of Factris are the committed and experienced team that ensures that deadlines are met and exceptional service is delivered. The people of Factris are at the core of the firm’s overall success.

Across the whole firm, Factris has a number of team members from the Baltics and Benelux, representing 12 nationalities. Each individual team member of Factris is a dedicated, ambitious professional within their respective field -  all committed to a single-team goal. Factris takes pride in their diversity and embraces it as a crucial component in the company’s accomplishments.

The success already experienced by Factris is only the beginning. Ultimately, Factris’ vision is to be one of the leading non-bank working capital providers for SMEs across Europe. This vision will become a reality by offering a vast range of financial products, implemented through local partners. Although gaining trust and loyalty can be challenging, Factris knows there are specific reasons to believe in a positive outcome. As such, the firm has several advantages over their competitors. 

Moving forward, the team at Factris will only improve their products to continue to deliver exceptional service in the years to come. Their focus is not just on meeting requirements, but exceeding expectations.

The latest CV Magazine issue can be found here. 

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