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Factris Managing Director in Lithuania Paulius Jauga: “The important thing is to be fair to everyone.”

Paulius Jauga joined the fast-growing Factris team only a year ago, and the rapid growth of the company has rubbed off on him as well- he’s noted personal growth in himself with each passing day. After starting out as Head of Sales, Paulius is now heading the entire Factris team in Lithuania.

Yet, despite experiencing a great deal of change and growth, Paulius seems to have been an ideal fit for Factris since the beginning. “I spent more than 10 years at what was then Nordea Bank, where I was responsible for developing a factoring product. However, there always comes a time for a change - really, change is inevitable if you want to progress. I was always interested in the alternative finance market, and one day I heard about Debifo. I was enticed by the opportunity to work for a growing company that has a very clear, focused vision and strategy– and that is exactly what Factris (formerly Debifo) possesses. Both this growing business as well as Justas Šaltinis (who was the manager at the time) really hooked me - I believed in him and the entire team wholeheartedly, and I wasn’t mistaken. We’ve been through numerous stages together, going from a team of just a few people working in a “hipster” environment, to a merger with the Dutch company Factris and all of the new responsibilities that entailed, and now the rapid development of the company. And there’s still so much ahead!” reflects Paulius.

What’s relevant today may be obsolete tomorrow

Factris’ managing director in Lithuania says he never thought that the schedule could be so tight every single day. “But that works for me, and I like it. Time management, looking ahead – that’s what my daily routine is all about. I understand that when I initiate change, I have to plan for the future and predict the direction the market might take, always recognising that what’s relevant today may be obsolete tomorrow. That requires careful analysis and keen insight. Of course, none of this would be possible without a strong, united team,” says Paulius.

People should do what they do best

“Larger organisations usually have a rigid structure that isn’t flexible. However, the structure in a growing company can follow the people. What we want is for people to do what they do best, and we try to look at each day creatively. You have to know how to engage your employees: give them interesting tasks, collaborate with them, and most importantly, maintain a dialogue by both talking to them and listening. All of this helps you discover talent! Of course, you also have to take the needs of the organisation into account, but getting to coordinate all of that is such a fascinating part of our everyday work,” says Factris’s managing director in Lithuania.

In both his professional and personal life, Paulius’s motto is “Be fair to everyone." According to him, the most important thing is to talk openly, without mincing words – whether it’s with your colleagues and clients or with your loved ones. This is the key to discovering the best solutions and results.

A joy that makes up for the loss of hobbies

When asked what his routine looks like after work, Paulius jokes that it might not seem very interesting, but for him, it’s extremely important and dear to him. “Oh, I used to do a lot– going to the pool, the gym, playing basketball, sailing. But now I’ve had to put all that on hold because... I have twins! So my family is my main focus when I’m not working,” says Paulius with a smile. “That joy definitely makes up for the loss of hobbies. Being a part of Factris is also a great investment of my time. So far, I don’t even miss my hobbies, as boring as that may sound.”

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