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Factris: Funding the EU’s Largest Business Sector

SMEs power the EU’s economy.
And Factris powers SMEs.

There are over 25 million SMEs across Europe. They account for the overwhelming majority of the EU’s non-financial business economy. They also need the most financial support.*

Since 2017, Factris has been empowering SMEs through financial technology with personalised guidance. We turn money owed to SMEs into working capital they can use to grow their business.

* Source: the European Commision

Every business has a story. We help them tell it.

By refining the way financing takes place, Factris is helping SMEs achieve success throughout the EU.


And our investors help make that happen.

What has Factris accomplished?

What has Factris accomplished?

  • Seed round led by Speedinvest
  • Launch of proprietary platform FAB
  • Acquisition of DEBIFO
  • Opening of Factris LV1
  • EUR 1.4M EU grant received for tech enhancements
  • Dutch portfolio acquisition completed
  • EUR 5.0M Series A round led by AB Ventures
  • Opening of Factris PL1
  • Opening of Factris BE1
  • “Unlimited” funding via SPV structure by GSAM
  • >EUR 1B receivables financed to date
  • Centralized payment infrastructure by ING
  • Application for Factris DE1 Bafin license
  • 1870+ customer success cases
  • 50 million EUR funding line from Aegon Asset Management

Why invest in Factris?


Instead of using automation to replace people, we use it to improve what people can do. We let machines do the tedious, time-consuming work so that the Factris team can give the very best assistance to our clients. Our Finance Automation for Business platform (or, “FAB”) puts the customer in control by providing an easy, fast way to manage their financing with Factris.

AI-Powered Risk Assessment Technology

We’ve put behind us the slow, tedious process of using humans to assess the risk of funding a business—which only gave a partial understanding of the risk involved. Instead, we harness AI to collect and analyse data almost instantly. Factris now has the power to clearly understand, score, and monitor the risk of each factoring case.

Low cost funding

Thanks to the wide array of investors we work with and our SPV structure, Factris is able to provide funding at one of the lowest costs of any factoring company. This continues to let us finance more and more SMEs, as well as increase our reach Across Europe.

Market opportunities

SMEs account for the vast majority of businesses in the EU. Pair this with the fact that factoring has experienced a 7.8% average market growth year-on-year since 2015. And you’ll see it’s clear that Factris is well positioned for sustainable growth. And with the COVID-19 epidemic causing a 72% increase in the use of financial technology in the EU, the sky’s the limit for Factris’ financing potential.

Factris invites you to join us as an investor

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