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Industry: Industrial assembly; Funding limit: 150K

We helped a lovely customer who works with individual orders of various industrial and household electrical appliances for companies. When fulfilling large orders, the 30-day payment term doesn’t start until a customer has received their manufactured equipment installed. Until now, our new client was not aware of factoring, but after consulting with a Factris representative, it became clear that factoring is ideal for growing his business without worrying about the lack of resources.





Industry: Furniture assembly and interior design; Funding limit: 50K

Our new customer is a small furniture assembly and interior design company that has recently started its first projects for large institutions. But his customers only pay after the order has been fulfilled and the project has been completed. To solve the lack of working capital for salaries, raw materials, and possible technical support, this customer chose factoring at Factris.





Industry: Wood trading; Funding limit: 130K

With the growing global demand in the woodworking industry, one of our newest customers turned to factoring to meet the needs of their new customers. To pay with 30 days post-paid without losing working capital. Thanks to Factris’ flexible invoice financing and loyal approach, the customer grows with global demand and doubles their turnover.





Industry: Medical equipment; Funding limit: 200K

Recently we helped an exceptional company with factoring. The entrepreneur sells medical glasses. The glasses provide many advantages for both the patient and the practitioner. For example, a more successful treatment. In consultation with the debtor, the entrepreneur has agreed that the debtor will pay in advance because the entrepreneur doesn’t want to take any risks. The debtor pays for the orders in advance but would like to grow further by ordering on credit. Factoring provides a perfect solution because the entrepreneur is protected by credit insurance and, at the same time, can offer credit to the debtor. This way, they can both continue to grow with the company.





Industry: Cleaning; Funding limit: 15K

We recently helped a client who works as a subcontractor in the cleaning industry. The entrepreneur ensures that business spaces are cleaned. However, larger companies often have extended payment terms, making prefinancing the hours and cleaning products difficult. By using factoring, the entrepreneur can immediately make the invoice liquid to focus on his business.





Industry: Print and branding; Funding limit: 45K

The company prints different products, such as notebooks, water bottles, promotional materials, and pens. When the products are purchased, payment must be made immediately, then the products are sent and delivered to the customer. The customer then receives an order to print the product and delivers the product to the customer.
The costs for pre-financing the products can be pretty high for large orders because the products sometimes must be pre-financed for up to twelve weeks from purchase to delivery to the end customer. By making use of factoring, the invoices can be paid immediately so that there is a structural cash flow available for the company to realize the purchase of products.





Industry: Transport; Funding limit: 40K

This company has two trucks every week that transport sea containers with products to the customer. The company sees opportunities that it wants to take advantage of but faces long payment terms.
By using factoring via Factris, he can make his entire debtor balance liquid, which immediately releases money. The upcoming invoices are also paid within 24 hours so that no more opportunities are missed.





Industry: Trading; Funding limit: 840K

One Factris customer trades 3 different kinds of steel. Before Factris, his business was limited by customers paying in advance due to a lack of cash flow.
But thanks to factoring, they now have the ability to make the payments later, resulting in a significant increase in customer orders.





Industry: Construction; Funding limit: 50K

With a payment term of 14 days, you might expect that this company wouldn’t struggle for cash flow. However, the actual payment wasn’t usually received until after a grueling 45 days—all while costs of running their business continued to accumulate.
Factoring with Factris eliminated this problem, allowing them to shift their focus away from worrying about unpaid invoices and back towards growing their company.





Industry: Fibre Optic Industry; Funding limit: 900K

Unfortunately, it’s normal for businesses to struggle with maintaining uninterrupted cash flow during the pandemic—especially with regular expenses such as paying employees’ salaries on the weekly payroll.
Initially, our customer in the communications industry was no exception. But with help from Factris, this new customer can not only maintain steady cash flow but can even expand his workforce as he confidently focuses on running his business.





Industry: Display; Funding limit: 600K

Without the working capital they needed, our customer couldn’t purchase the materials to fulfill the numerous orders.
Factoring their invoices with Factris changed all that, providing the cash flow they needed—and at just the right time. Instead of turning down growth opportunities, our customer can successfully run their business and even expand in this difficult time.





Industry: Ecommerce; Funding limit: 360K

Thanks to financing support from Factris, our new customer in the e-commerce industry has the capital they depend on to remain in control. Factoring has empowered them to keep their supply chain running smoothly, liberating them from living day to day instead of helping them plan for future growth.





Industry: Marketing; Funding limit: 200K

Our customer who runs a marketing agency contended with a common problem: the ongoing issue of juggling immediate expenditures while having to wait many weeks for invoices to get paid. However, Factris set them free from this negative cycle with almost instant working capital via factoring. Now our client can continue to fulfill orders and pay employee salaries after receiving fast working capital.

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