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Invoice factoring SME

SME invoice factoring makes entrepreneurship possible.

What is SME invoice factoring?

SME invoice factoring is a form of factoring specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. With this form of debtor-based financing, you sell your sent, not yet paid invoices to Factris, after which we pay you the outstanding amount. This way, you have the money at your disposal very quickly, and you are no longer dependent on the customer’s payment term. SME invoice factoring, therefore, gives you the opportunity to invest further in your SME business.

How does SME invoice factoring at Factris work

SME invoice factoring at Factris works very simply: you sell us your unpaid invoices and we transfer the money to you. You create an invoice and the only thing you change is the account number. Your customer then automatically receives an invoice from our system. If the invoice has not yet been paid by the customer, we proceed to manage the debtor.

With SME invoice factoring at Factris, you are immediately insured against unforeseen problems such as non-payment and bankruptcy, so you do not have to worry about this. We are open and honest about our rates, so you will never be confronted with nasty surprises. Moreover, SME invoice factoring at Factris means flexibility and personal work. What does that mean? As an entrepreneur, you can decide which invoice you will or will not have purchased and which debtor you will or will not assign. You can also choose the date on which you have an invoice purchased.

Which invoices can I sell as an SME?

As an SME, you can sell outstanding invoices to us, provided a number of conditions are met. We buy new B2B invoices for completed services from trusted debtors. Wondering if your company is eligible? Find out here the conditions and/or your company is suitable for SME invoice factoring.

For which SME companies does invoice factoring offer a solution?

Invoice factoring is interesting for different types of SMEs.
Are you a starting or growing SME? Or just an SME with a large number of customers already? Are you a seasonal SME?
In all cases, SME invoice factoring with Factris is the solution for your business.

Starting SME

SME companies wait an average of 42 days for payment of invoices. This while you might need money to invest now. Unfortunately, banks consider a loan too high a risk in many cases. Factris does give SME start-ups the chance to do business as an SME company. Wondering whether you can use our invoice factoring in your situation? Find out what conditions you need to meet as an SME start-up.

SME companies with many customers

Do you have many customers as an SME? This can mean that your debtor management needs a lot of attention. Factris is happy to take over your credit management with SME invoice factoring. We take care of maintaining your good relations, saving you time and money. So you can focus on your business. Find out which conditions you need to meet as an SME with many customers.

Growing SME companies

Do you want to take your SME company to the next level? Then you will need to invest in employees, major projects and/or development, for example. However, this can cost a lot of money. In such a case, it is nice if you have immediate access to the money from your sent invoices. SME invoice factoring is the way to grow. This way, you immediately have working capital to invest in your SME company. Find out what conditions you need to meet as a growing SME.

Seasonal SME companies

If you are a seasonal SME company, you have to deal with busier but also quieter periods. This puts your cash flow at risk and depletes your buffer faster. The downside is that customers often don’t pay their invoices right away. Do you recognize this problem? SME invoice factoring is the solution. SME invoice factoring ensures that you have immediate cash after quiet periods so you can continue to do business.

The benefits of invoice factoring for SME

Invoice factoring offers many benefits for your SME business. Have a look at the benefits below if you decide invoice factoring with Factris.

  • Your invoice is paid within 24 hours.
  • Low invoice factoring rate.
  • Optimal cash flow.
  • Protected against defaulters.
  • Protected against debtor bankruptcy.
  • You no longer have to worry about debtor management. This leaves you more time to grow your business.
  • Advice from our experienced account managers.

Invoice factoring costs

Invoice factoring can be a great way to finance your SME business, but it is important to know the cost of invoice factoring. Our rates are determined based on several factors. Depending on these factors, the average invoice factoring fee is up to 3%. The cost of invoice factoring is calculated based on the volume and risk involved for the paying party.

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