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Your Story’s Next Chapter: Joining the Factris Team.

See how uniting with Factris will help you move forward

"woof woof" factor

We believe hard work should always be rewarded. That’s why we make sure our team gets to really enjoy their victories. We don’t just focus on working hard — we cheer each other on, celebrating each other’s wins together.

No politics

We’ve worked hard to create an inclusive, unified atmosphere at Factris. We’re also careful not to let negative divisions ruin it. Instead, we prefer to focus on the positive: our strengths, our common ground, and what brings us together. We make sure everyone on our team truly feels they belong.

Leadership that’s better every day

We think you deserve a leader, not just a boss. So we’re constantly improving how Factris is managed to keep improving the experience for our team. We believe everyone’s voice should be heard and should help shape our company’s dynamics. Thanks to our in-depth manager effectiveness surveys and regular data analysis, our team works together a little better every day.

Continuous feedback mindset

As Factris continues to move forward, so does each member of our team. Our data-driven initiatives will help you to achieve your best, with quarterly actionable 1:1s, people engagement surveys, and themed Factris briefings. Learn to both give and receive feedback in order to be the greatest version of you.

Have a listen

our CEO explains who we are and what we’re aiming for

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Our locations

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