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An easy solution to
your financing needs

Factoring is a fast and flexible way to finance tailored to your unique lending needs. Why wait 30-90 days to receive payment on an invoice? Get paid now and keep growing your business.

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Why factoring?

Simplicity and Speed

What makes factoring with Factris so fast and secure is our custom-built “Finance Automation for Business,” or FAB platform—a Factris exclusive. Our FAB platform is what directly connects you to Factris; it’s where you upload your invoices, request credit limits, monitor payments, and receive same-day capital for invoices that are factored.

Customer care

We love technology. But there’s simply no replacement for an enlightened human being, ready to help you with your unique business. That’s why Factris assigns you a knowledgeable account manager for free. They’re with you to give you advice, assistance, and answers for all of your questions—help from start to finish and everywhere in between.


Factris’ products are adaptable, customizable, and always tailored to what your SME needs—both today and tomorrow. Financing tools like invoice discounting and invoice financing empower you to choose how to care for your business. And our flexible credit limits provide precisely what you need, right when you need it.

  • Select the invoicesthat you want to factor
  • Insure yourself againstbankruptcy of your client
  • Receive the working capital that you need today

Login to the Factris platform and start factoring your invoices

  1. Add your clients' details and request a factoring limit. A Factris dedicated account manager is available to give you advice and assistance.

  2. Upload your unpaid invoices in need of financing to receive an immediate working capital.

  3. Receive approval from verified debtors and start receiving payments.

Take control of your business today

Purchase my invoices Call us:+31 20 50 50 333