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Sending invoices is part of the administrative business process and takes time every month. You spend even more time if you have to deal with defaulters. Not every debtor pays the invoice within the payment period. It is therefore necessary to have a tight accounts receivable management to get all invoices paid and benefit from an optimal cash flow. There is another option available for this, namely outsourcing invoicing. You can have invoices sent by an accountant or outsource the receivables and get your invoices funded. By listing the advantages and disadvantages of invoice outsourcing, you can come to the best choice for your business.

Advantages of invoice outsourcing

A big advantage of outsourcing invoicing to an accountant is that you can focus all your attention on your business. You no longer have to keep an eye on whether a debtor has paid and chase defaulters. So you have more time and, in that respect, outsourcing invoicing is also cost-efficient. There are several ways to outsource a debt. You can have an accountant do the sending of invoices, but then you still have no guarantee that debtors will pay all invoices on time. You can also outsource invoicing in an alternative way through factoring. The invoice amount is then quickly available to you (in our case within 24 hours) and you keep your cash flow position optimal.

● More time for business
● No more dealing with defaulters
● Optimal cash flow
● Cost-efficient

Disadvantages of outsourcing invoicing

Besides the advantages of invoice outsourcing, there are disadvantages. In this respect, a disadvantage comes from an advantage. You no longer have to look after accounts receivable management, which is an essential part of business operations and important for financial insight. Outsourcing invoicing to a bookkeeper has another disadvantage in that respect. Bookkeepers may have to deal with defaulters just like you. This still means no guarantee that you will get all invoices paid, because even a collection process and legal proceedings do not offer 100% certainty in this. Another disadvantage of outsourcing invoicing to the accountant is that you miss contact moments with your business relations. Although those contact moments are less positive if your debtor turns out to be a defaulter.

Solution: outsourcing receivables

There are both advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing invoicing to an accountant.
However, letting the accountant send the invoices is not the same as handing over a receivable. With this form of invoice outsourcing, your company still has the receivable in its hands with all the risks that entails. By truly outsourcing the receivable, there is a real solution to strengthen your working capital. In that case, you no longer have to deal with defaulters because you have transferred the receivable. Moreover, there will be no more worries about debtor management and you will really have all the time and attention for what you are good at. Handing over receivables is possible by opting for factoring. With this method of invoice outsourcing, you sell the invoices and are guaranteed to get paid.

Factoring: flexible debtor financing

Do you want certainty regarding your working capital and not have to worry about defaulters? Then flexible accounts receivable financing is an excellent choice. This alternative way of outsourcing invoicing means you get money advanced on the basis of a business transaction. We buy your invoice and take over the entire collection process, with you having the money in your account within 24 hours. The advantage of this method of outsourcing invoicing is that you maintain contact with the debtor. You send the invoice to your debtor yourself, including our assignment text.

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